Economic Recovery and Job Creation

Job Creation

I have fought for economic opportunities for families across Colorado. Successful job growth depends on ensuring that Colorado has a fair and reasonable tax structure, affordable housing, access to quality healthcare that drives down high costs, convenient and efficient transportation and a strong education system. I am fighting for these issues in the State Legislature to create economic opportunity for all.

Corporate Accountability and Fiscal Responsibility

As a negotiator, I worked to keep corporations accountable by ensuring working families have access to livable wages, affordable healthcare and pensions they can count on. I am working to keep state government and those who benefit from your tax dollars accountable by consolidating duplicate programs and demanding results to the policy issues that face us.

Local Business Development and Growth

As a 6th generation Coloradan with deep roots in Denver, I believe we must support local companies during this economic downturn and make it easier to start a small business. Red tape and a shortage of low-interest loans deter essential business growth within our community.

New Energy Economy

I am proud to have worked for U.S. Senator Mark Udall, a leader who built the foundation of Colorado's New Energy Economy. As jobs are created in the renewable energy sector, we must ensure there is a plan for continued job growth in the industry. Students and employees must have access to professional development training to create a workforce that meets the demands of this new and exciting industry.

Stabilize Colorado's budget

  • Untie the fiscal knot created by Amendment 23, Gallagher and Tabor that is impacting our state's ability to provide basic services
  • Evaluate increasing revenue through corporate taxes but not for working class families in this tough economy (Colorado's corporate tax ranks 44th in the country)
  • Improve the fiscal transparency and accountability of the state budget

Create jobs that can pay the bills

  • Recruit new companies to Colorado
  • Provide incentives to help Coloradans start, build and grow small businesses
  • Ensure corporate accountability by evaluating those that receive tax incentives are actually creating stable jobs


Early Childhood Education

I am working to expand access to early childhood education because it gives students the best chance to have long term success. In college, I worked as an Executive Assistant at Family Star Early Headstart Center and learned first hand that students who attend early childhood education are more likely to graduate high school and seek higher education. Quality education for all children.

  • Increase funding for our public education system (We rank 49th in the nation in spending on K-12 education per $1000 of personal income)
  • Support school districts to provide 21st century education opportunities for all students and strengthen collaboration with parents, students and teachers
  • It is critical we increase funding for early childhood programs, such as the Colorado Preschool Program.

Primary and Secondary Education

We must ensure our students are prepared to effectively compete in the 21st century by making our education system the best it can be. I am collaborating with teachers, parents and our community to do just that. I often discuss the issues facing Colorado's schools with my sister who is a dedicated public school teacher. When she began teaching, I was surprised when every year she had to purchase basic supplies for her students out of her own pocket. In order to have a world class system, we must provide adequate funding and staffing. I am working to ensure our schools are well funded and able to provide a quality education for all of Colorado's children.

Higher Education

We are fortunate to have in our district one of the most respected commuter campuses at the Auraria Campus! Our higher education system - from community colleges to four-year institutions - is critical to Colorado's students and to our state's economic success. I am working to keep higher education affordable and to support continued investment in the Auraria Campus.

Small Business

Small businesses are an essential resource in our economy for job creation. I am working to provide incentives to help Coloradans start, build and grow small businesses.


Coloradans need access to quality, affordable health care now. I have already acted to advocate for healthcare reform at the federal level and continue to do the same in the state legislature.

Quality and affordable healthcare

  • Protect funding for the Child Health Plan Plus, which provides Colorado's lowest income children and pregnant women healthcare
  • Compliment federal reform to increase Coloradans ability to have access to affordable healthcare plans
  • Work to ensure there is adequate healthcare provider staffing to promote quality patient care


I am committed to protecting Colorado's quality of life and its natural beauty and resources. I am working to ensure that Colorado continues to lead the nation and world in the New Energy economy.

Equal Rights for All

I support equal rights for all people regardless of age, gender, race, religion or sexual orientation.

  • I am pro-choice and believe women should have the right to make decisions affecting their health and well-being.

Promoting Renewable Energy and Protecting the Environment

Conservation issues are a top priority of mine. We need to promote Colorado's New Energy Economy by creating quality green jobs.

  • Provide incentives for residential owners, farmers, public institutions and private building owners to promote water conservation and energy efficiency.
  • Build public / private partnerships to preserve Colorado's natural beauty and quality of life.
  • Ensure that students and future energy employees have greater access to programs that prepare them to be part of the New Energy Economy.
  • Adequately fund public transportation and limit sprawl in developing communities.


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